Poster how to

Quick note about poster style

These posters have been created in order to be easily reproduced by either mechanical or a home printer. Typically a good poster or sign should have 3-6 actual words. Posters should convey a quick immediate message instead of a long explanation or logical reasoning. Thus said.

  1. Download adobe acrobat
  2. Find a poster you like on the poster page or from the front page.
  3. Download the poster PDF file in the post.
  4. Now you can either print from a printer or use a projectascope (wtf?)
  5. If you use a printer, just open the file hit control or command P to print and be sure to select POSTER MODE and print at 100%. This will give you the full size poster printed across multiple pages with margin which you can cut out and glue to an illustration board.
  6. If you use a projectascope get twice as many sharpies as you will need to color the poster and print it out with poster mode and make it the proper size of your projectascope mine is 25%.
  7. Tape your illustration / poster board to the wall and trace over the image with a pencil.
  8. Now the fun part, COLOR!

I hope you guys use some of my posters, and if you want to give some ideas, then leave them in the comments section or the contact page.


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